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Home Birthing and Birthing Options:

Home or hospital? The politics of birth

Ante-natal classes:

Hazel Cazzini, Stillorgan Park Hotel – 087 9724671
Saturday Antenatal Education classes in preparation for Birth and Parenting
Ruth O’Connor – Tel: 283 2280 / 086 2242708
(Radisson Blu, St. Helen Hotel, Stillorgan Rd – All day Saturday). Early Bird – 1st Trimester – Saturday a.m., Also available – one day Refresher Course Lactation Consultant (Personal Breastfeeding Support)
ParentPrep Maura Reynolds RGN RM, Mob: 086-8540201
Ante Natal Classes Landscape Clinic Midwife (Email:
@ Beacon Hospital Beacon Hospital, Sandyford, D18 €170.00 per couple
Aisling Killoran, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist – 087 1352122
Hypno-Birthng: –

Independent Midwives:
Pilates Classes:

There is a lot of great information for parents to be on pregnancy and childbirth on Debra Betts website and a very useful video (and illustrations) of acupressure points that can be used in labour. Debra Betts is a New Zealand acupuncturist and author of ‘The Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth’.

For optimal positioning advice either for women with fetal malpresentation and advice to help maintain an anterior position: and

A positive birthing “youtube” clip by Ricki Lake promoting natural birth, with the emphasis on taking control, showing efficient births not scary ones –

Baby Ultrasound Art – The ten months that a baby grows inside its mother is a very special time. Like each baby’s personality and fingerprints, every pregnancy, fetus and baby are entirely unique… And one that can be beautifully captured as a piece of ultrasound art to visually revisit time and time again. My paintings were designed evoke this sentiment and bestow a memory of this gestational stage of life. Each piece aims to capture this magic, your baby’s personality and in-utero experience. –