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Naava Carman:

Understanding & Treating Complex Cases in TCM Practice 

Let’s talk complex cases… Those over-an-hour intakes with multiple layers of physical and emotional issues.
How do we navigate them?

In this webinar, Naava will break down some sample cases and share with you her methods of defining a diagnosis and setting a treatment hierarchy.
She will also show you how to put a well-communicated plan in place for your clients that makes them feel held and supported through their healing process.
Most importantly, we’ll discuss how to ensure clients give you the time you need to make a difference and love you for suggesting more appointments!

We’ll work in an integrated way, so we will be discussing biomedicine as well as classical TCM.
Herbalists are welcome, but all cases will be suitable for Acupuncturists.

About Naava:

About Naava

Naava has been in practice since 1999 and is an experienced fertility, gynaecological and obstetric acupuncturist and Herbalist specialising in complex autoimmune disorders such as unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage, hypermobility in pregnancy, PCOS, endometriosis and other inflammatory conditions.

She has also undertaken further specialist training in the area of female pelvic and sexual pain including vulvodynia and dyspareunia.

Naava Carman’s treatments are designed to tackle the underlying causes of infertility and help people enhance their chances of conception naturally and in conjunction with IVF and IUI.
Whilst she treats all kinds of fertility issues, the clients who make her run to work feeling excited and intellectually stimulated are those who are 38-45 years old with complex, multifaceted fertility issues.

You can read more about Naava Carman and her qualifications here.


Webinar Details:

This is a live webinar that will be held on Zoom on February 27th from 10am to 3pm.
There will be a 1h lunch break from 1 to 2pm.

The Zoom meeting link will be emailed in advance and there will a link available for replay.

The fee for the webinar is €125.
There is a reduced €75 rate for members of Acupuncture for Fertility & Pregnancy Ireland.


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