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Alexia Treanor
Alexia is a qualified Acupuncturist, Nutritional Therapist & Naturopath who has been working as a complimentary therapist for the past 16 years. In that time she has worked with individuals, groups, organisations and sporting teams. Alexia has helped hundreds of clients of all ages improve their health and recover from a variety and ailments and conditions. Her skills and expertise in Acupuncture & Nutrition has paved the way for many clients in reducing their need medication by altering and tailoring their food intake to their body’s needs and restore their health. Alexia’s believes it is not simply a matter of telling people to stop eating certain foods and not stress but to treat, educate and empower each client and equip them with tailored plans to assist them in achieving and maintaining good health.

Centre of Health
5 The Diamond
Co. Monaghan