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Stephanie Ann Davis
I graduated from the Acupuncture Foundation Ireland in 2008 and I completed my postgraduate clinical training in China under Dr Ouyang of the Jian Su Provincial Government Hospital in Nanjing. While in China, I received my licentiate from the University of TCM, Nanjing, China in 2008.

I am a registered member of the AFPA and I have previously served on the Executive Committee for three years.

I have been in full time general practice since 2008. Early on in my career I became interested in women’s health. This led me to pursue further studies and postgraduate courses specialising in gynaecology and fertility. I have trained with many of the leading fertility and obstetric specialists including Jani White, Debra Betts and Sarah Budd. I studied with Dr. Trevor Wing and I hold a Diploma in TCM Gynaecology and Obstetrics. In addition I have attended numerous online courses and webinars specialising in women’s reproductive health.

I am also a qualified Chinese Medicine Herbalist.

In my practice I treat women at all stages of their reproductive life – from menarche through menopause and beyond. I give acupuncture treatments to help women with various conditions such as irregular or painful cycles, menopausal hot flashes, PCOS, and various hormonal imbalances. I also give acupuncture treatments to support couples seeking to conceive – whether naturally or through assisted fertility procedure such as IVF IUI or ICSI.

Stephanie’s Clinic:
6c, Saint Joseph’s Terrace
Off Philipsburgh Avenue
Dublin 3.