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A natural and enjoyable labour is also an invaluable experience for the mother and helps her recover quickly, breastfeed with ease and have the energy and resources she needs to look after a newborn.

We can help induce your labour naturally with acupuncture. We prefer to let nature take its course, but if you are advised to have a medical induction, we can start treating you a few days before this date. Treatment on two consecutive days is often required. Our members can prepare you for your labour and teach both you and your partner very effective acupressure techniques for you to use either at home or in the delivery room. This can help a woman relax so that her contractions are smooth and efficient, the cervix opens, pain is manageable, her energy is good and the baby is in the best possible position.

Acupuncture and acupressure can each help the woman deliver safely and naturally with as little intervention as possible. In Ireland it is currently difficult for an acupuncturist to attend a birth in a hospital so most treatments take place before the mum-to-be goes to hospital. Our members also deliver ‘Acupressure for labour’ workshops and these take place throughout the year.